Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp  is one of the safest forest based camps in Victoria from a bushfire perspective. Whilst the facility is in a high risk area as many camps are, it is the below four points that makes the difference. KFAC is a fully ACA accredited campsite with all the required and audited processes that that accreditation entails, including emergency management plans. Note these key points :

  1. We are one of the closest of all campsites to Melbourne being just 13 minutes away from Whittlesea in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. As a result car or coach evacuation is very quick.
  2. ALL KFAC buildings were built in 2011 to Bushfire Attack Level 29 – a very high standard
  3. Our safe haven area is just 400M away and is a 50 Hectare totally un-treed and year-round market garden farm.
  4. We have a standing evacuation standby plan with Panorama Coaches based in Diamond Creek about 35 min away. If required the coaches are available at any hour.

 Other measures/practices that relate to safety on hot days :

  1. We subscribe to CFA alerts and monitor them in our office and kitchen 24/7.
  2. The temperature in Kinglake is usually 4 deg cooler than in Melbourne due to altitude
  3. We conduct nearly all activities in shaded areas
  4. We constantly remind participants to be hydrated and sun-smart
  5. Our main buildings are fully air-conditioned